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Humour is a fundamental component of a sane mind. Humour breaks down race and class barriers as saucily as an ice cube on a hot tummy. Humour is a gateway into true adventure, into new worlds which have every right to exist and mindsets that open the imagination to the brain's own vast and rightful territories.

Humour happens when the mind is taken by surprise. Without it life is drab and colourless. With it even sad things become more bearable

About my writing

Charles Morgan writes humorous adventure stories. Sometimes the setting is the world as we know it but rapidly changing into something else. Sometimes the world is another place altogether. The books are always full of surprising and often outrageous ideas. His work is likely to be enjoyed by those who like the other worldly experience of sf &

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fantasy and who like humour. The narrative is funny, strange, surrealistic, often politically incorrect. Often sexy. People who like Monty Python or the Goon Show or Tom Sharp will enjoy his work.

The Morning Bliss trilogy and many of the stories in The Weapons Counter are set in new worlds. The Man Who Said N’Gloop,Heroes Of The New Eden, Knights

Of The Secondhand Stew and Mister Winner are set in the present world which is rapidly changing into a new one.

Latest Reviews

Kirkus Review for Grand Conception (First book in the Morning Bliss trilogy)

Morgan (Heroes of the New Eden, 2012, etc.) delivers the first installment in his Morning Bliss trilogy, an imaginative, allegorical sci-fi tale.

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Knights of The Second Hand Stew (Originally published as Second Hand Porridge)

SUCH a different style of writing. Refreshing, confronting, free-flowing, new. A story that just grips you from the very beginning and takes

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news of new publications

Seven new books will be published in late 2012.

Seven new books will be published in late 2012. The first two books of the Morning Bliss Trilogy - Grand Conceptions and Morning Bliss

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